COVID-19: Bee Pick Up & Beekeeping Supplies

Dear Beekeepers & Friends,

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we all must change the way we do things for a bit...

While our business has been impacted significantly by closing the store and changing to by appointment only, we must look at the bigger picture.  

We are considered an essential business; however, it is more important that we do our part to keep all of our beekeepers / customers safe. In addition, we also must remain healthy in order to deliver bees to everyone over the next 2 months.  We are able to provide beekeeping supplies & honey to everyone all year long, but our opportunity to provide package bees is only 3 days a year. 

At this time, all bee pick-ups are still on schedule; however, “bee day” will be a bit different this year.  We will be doing a drive thru style pick up and the store will not be open to ensure we are abiding by social distancing mandates.  

If you placed an order for supplies online we will contact you to set up an appointment to pick up.

If you have purchased bees, you will receive further instructions from us to ensure we all get through this easily and safely together.


We will have the drive way set up as a one way in (west entrance), one way out (east entrance), there will be signs. We will have a table set up in the parking lot.   Please pull up next to the table and REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE. We will come to your vehicle and get your name. We will then go get your bees and any other items you may have pre-ordered online and set them on the table. We will then step back/walk away at which point you may get out and load your items. Once you pull away the next person will pull up and start the process again. If everybody is patient and pulls in the correct direction it should go fairly smooth. If there is a long line PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE and resist the urge to get out and walk up to the bee loading area.


When you enter the parking lot please form a single line and REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE. We will come to your vehicle and get your name. We will then get your order and place it on a table. Once we step back/walk away you may get out and load your bees. When the car in front of you pulls away the next car will pull up and we will repeat the process.