#3 Italian Hybrid Package Bees - 2021 Avoca

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For 2021, packaged Italian Hybrid honeybees (from Georgia) are available in Avoca on April 12th, May 1st (Orig. date was April 17th), and May 13th.   Italian Hybrid honeybees are Italian crossed with Carniolan and Buckfast.  All package bees are #3 and come with a young mated queen. You can choose to have your queen marked also to make her easier to find.  The marking color for 2021 is white.

4/12 - SOLD OUT

4/17 - DATE CHANGED TO 5/1/21 - SOLD OUT

5/13 - Avoca Unmarked - less than 40 available

5/13 - Avoca Marked - less than 40 available